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IWriteEssays review

Jane Chadwick

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After reading just a few paragraphs of iwriteessays.com reviews, it became clear that very little research had been done. The conclusion was not based on the evidence and there was no hypothesis. Our ratings for the quality of services and products are very low.

Get Discounts and Prices

The prices are not justified considering the high quality of the work. They are even misleading by quoting the price per page. There are no discounts. We searched for promo codes or coupon codes. We came up empty-handed. Students are encouraged to confirm the exact amount they will be charged before proceeding with this website.

Extra Features

We didn't purchase any extra features. Many of the extra features were too expensive and didn't seem to add any value. Each paper order comes with a few freebies. These are nice but not as good as the extras provided by other writing services. There is a blog on the website. The posts we found interesting. This could be their bright spot. We wouldn't say the posts were blog posts. They could be described as writing samples. Each post seemed to be an example essay, or another paper on a specific academic topic.

As we mentioned, we also reviewed the website and read the policy documents. The privacy policy is to us the most important. Students in the United States or the European Union can be assured that the company is GDP-compliant. Their policies also adhere to the 1988 privacy act. Customers may request information about how their personal data are used. Customers can request the deletion of their personal data. They also provide details about cookies and how it is used.


This writing company is not recommended by us. This is because of the poor quality of writing. Students who use this site are advised to take the time to proofread and edit their papers after they have been received. If you are interested in using a better-rated service, we encourage you to review our reviews. We have given our seal of approval to quite a few companies.

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