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Improve my English conversation! I'm a native Spanish speaker


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Hi everyone! I'm Joe from Argentina and today is my first day in Linguaholic, i did many English courses in my country I did many English courses in my country but I couldn´t improve my level of speaking and listening. I'm 31 years old and I really want to improve my English because I'm about to start a long journey through America, starting in Argentina and hoping to finish in Alaska.! 

So if there are someone with native English language or with a good level of English, also someone who is looking forward to having a good conversation and interested in improving their Spanish or no, It would be a pleasure for me to talk with you!

My instagram is @Jose.Lamazares and my mail is [email protected]; my IG is private but send me a direct message or send me invitation, or directly send me an Email and we will be in contact! 

Thanks for reading!! Cya, Joe!

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22 minutes ago, swipka79 said:

You can easily download a book, which will help you to learn the language and  Pdfmania which is a really effective book, that provides an access to different ways to download the book that will be helping you in studying. It is not only about education, there you can download different books for pleasure reading, to share with your friends and it is a pretty effective service! 

your answer is absolutely spam for me.. nobody spoke about a book or a pdf, i need conversation, a real speaking and real listening; stop trolling this topic.

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