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Strategy for Mentoring Friend in English


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I am a native English speaker and I want to help my friend in Viet Nam improve his English.


I am not sure where to start or what strategy to follow.


Sometimes his pronounciation of specific words is off just slightly enough that it isn't clear what he meant - I could go after these.


Sometimes the emPHAsis of the PROnounCIation is not right, it is still understandable but less fluid for the listener to interpret.


Sometimes the cadence or rhythm of the sentence is choppier like a lot of words or syllables quickly and then a pause or slower moment and then a tumble and then a finish.  I think this is probably related to the way Vietnamese would be spoken.


I hesitate to correct the style of speech because I feel it is not necessarily incorrect and perhaps part of his identity as a speaker and native.  Although he really wants to be easily understood by an english speaking audience and move to the U.S. in the future.


There are some minor more grammatical or semantic errors like when to say "I will" vs "I would", I don't think these are as high a priority.


Lastly he uses certain words repetitiously and I don't know if I should push him to compose the sentences differently.  Like by beginning with "Basically," and "Honestly,".


He speaks well and I can almost always understand him but for his success he wants to improve so I am trying to think of how best to help.


Any advice or feedback is appreciated.


Thank you.

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