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Can't remember a title; it was literature, country setting


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I'd appreciate if anyone could help me with the title of a book I read some of, years ago I checked out at the library. I think it's older, couldn't have been written after early 20th century.

This is all I can remember:

• The beginning chapters were of the interactions of some young people -- a boy (the narrator), and  a pair of teens, maybe the boy's sister too.

• There were a couple houses the families lived in, in the country.  (they always walked between places they'd go so I didn't get to discover if it was the horse and buggy days).

• at one point, the girl plays "drink to me only with thine eyes" on the piano for the boy because there was a strained implied romance between them. that's the most specific point I have

• I believe they find a homeless man in a forest on their wandering about

• It sticks out in my mind because it created an atmosphere and was well written, calm and not impulsive.

I know it's not "the martian chronicles" by ray bradbury, the only thing fitting my description is it having "drink to me.." in it.

It's also not "delta wedding" by eudora welty.

I may be a little off in my points since it's been awhile and my memory might have changed it a bit, so don't take my full word for it.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any attempts if you think you might know it.

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