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Why is watching movies and series without subtitles important?

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People who have the opportunity of an exchange program say that it is necessary to really get involved with the other culture to learn a new language, since, especially with regard to speaking and listening, it is necessary to be in constant contact with the language to that it is possible to improve them.

However, another way to train English and develop this contact with the language is precisely by listening to TV programs that are of interest to you in English, such as movies and series - in the same sense, podcasts and other tools that allow contact with the language as well are usually effective.

It is an effective measure even for exchange students, since after returning to Brazil, direct contact with the language ends and it is necessary to find ways to keep it in order not to lose the practice. See, below, what are the main advantages of watching movies without subtitles!

Vocabulary improvement

In order to be able to really train the language without even having to leave the house, watching a movie without subtitles is an excellent option, because in this way you have to really pay attention to what is said in another language to understand what is happening.

In addition, when we don't use subtitles, we do a word assimilation exercise that helps in memorizing expressions and, over time, the tendency is to end, once and for all, with the dependence that many have on subtitles.

Learning expressions and pronunciations

Another relevant point is the possibility of observing the pronunciation of different words in English, in practice, as the natives pronounce them. In addition, it is possible to discover new expressions and even slang that were previously unknown to you.

Increased language familiarity

All the points we have presented increase your familiarity with the language, which is very important, as you stop knowing English only in theory and learn to apply it in practice. Thus, when arriving in another native English-speaking country you should not face difficulties, as you are already familiar with the way the locals speak.

Now that you know the importance of watching movies without subtitles, remember that, for the experience to be complete, it's important to take breaks and notes during, such as when words you don't know come up, in order to search for their meaning, so that you can further improve learning.

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