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Hi. I hope everything is going well. =)

I'm from Colombia and I want to get IELTS Certification for my English level.

I'll share with you a writing about a graph and I would like you to help me to find mistakes.


The graph shows the traffic growth in the Netherlands from 1950.
It shows how across the years have increased the traffic, having account different kinds of transport.

From 1950 to 2000 has increased the car traffic. First, in 1960 increased by 20 percent. After twenty years, it increased by 100 percent and in 2000 has increased more than 120 percent.

Car traffic compared with train, bicycle and other public traffic have increased a lot while train traffic increased just by over 20% . Bicycle traffic increased by approximately 20%, and the same happened with other public transport traffic.


Also I want to know how can I improve my writing and speaking skills.

Thank you



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