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Hi there, I am currently working on a new website to help people improve their spoken English for free and I would love to get some feedback or ideas from English learners / linguists.  This is my site


I'm working as an English teacher in Vietnam and have met lots of people who are very eager to learn English, but are not sure how to go about it. 

The first step I am taking is including animated diagrams of all the phonemes, and I am currently adding listening games so that my visitors can hear and say all the phonemes.  From there I plan to work on some resources so that my visitors can use word stress and IPA correctly so that they can say words correctly with the help of a dictionary.

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Hi Alex!!  I just took a look at your web site and I must say your idea is really brilliant and will surely help a lot people trying to improve their spoken English!  I'm actually trying to improve mine and my biggest problem so far has been the pronunciation and learning the phonemes.

The idea of adding animated diagrams for all the phonemes is excellent, I'm so looking forward to see this idea being executed.  I think learning the phonemes is the biggest obstacle, take me as an example... I learnt English on my own, but never took the time to learn the phonemes! 

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