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Meaning of (fictional) Brandnames "Thaky" and "Tesky"


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Hello Together

I am researching about the two fictional brandnames "Thaky" and "Tesky", if they have any formal or non-formal meaning. Both brandnames are not in any dictionary.

Especially for any nativ English speaker, who are living in the USA or UK:
1. Do you know, if these names have any meaning in a formal or non-formal conversation? Or does it reminds you to something/someone?
2. As both of the brandnames are fictional, are there any pronunciation-rules for "Th" and "a"? In other words: is it allowed to define the pronunciation of "Thaky" as the same pronunciation of "Techie". I am asking this, because for example "Ch" can be pronounced in 3 different ways. Does the same applies also for "Th" and "a"?

Thanks for helping me!

Here an example of an existing brandname:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-11 um 09.16.11.png

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