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Multiple language benefits?


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Knowing the right languages can potentially open a lot doors for a person. It did for me at least, thank to the fact I learnt English I was preened with a lot amazing opportunities, if I hadn't learnt the language there is no way I 'd have been able to embrace all those opportunities. 

I believe knowing English has changed my life, thanks to it I've got some really cool jobs in the past, I also had the chance to travel  a lot in the past and meet a lot people.  So yeah, learning the right language can be super beneficial.  It was for me and I couldn't be more grateful!

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The main benefit of knowing multiple languages (in my humble opinion) is the ability to travel to different place and communicate. A trip abroad is more fun if you don't have to struggle to talk to the natives. Also, I think for job purposes, knowing more than one language gives you an edges since most customer bases are diverse.

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Much as software that purportedly correctly translates words, phrases, etc into some target language, the meanings can be lost because a machine can only literally translate word by word. For that reason therefore, serious organizations, people and so on who want books, articles, and other material translated always use linguists to do that for them. Knowing multiple [marketable languages] therefore can be good for your wallet.

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