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Learning English with popular multiplayer video games.

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Real English for Gamers

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvRkPfGnOm_lxAr7SyWBJ8g

Website: https://realenglishforgamers.com/

Playing your favorite multiplayer video games with English speakers or just watching them on YouTube or Twitch can be a big help in improving your English. 

One of the big challenges is understanding the very fast speech gamers use. Start here: https://realenglishforgamers.com/practice-listening-to-fast-speech/

What do you say to your teammates? Suppose you want to play Minecraft Survival. Start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spgYtc15_eM

If you are a teacher, you can help your students make effective use of their out-of-class gaming time without using a lot of class time. Start here: https://realenglishforgamers.com/efl-esl-esol-teachers/ 

More than 200 videos are waiting for you.

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By the way, I have already seen similar servers and I agree they are pretty good. But I usually play minecraft survival servers so I'm sure you'll enjoy this game overall because it's a lot of fun and quite addictive. I also found a lot of reviews on other servers on their site, so you can visit their site yourself and choose what you like best. Good luck with that.

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Hello, this is very cool, but sometimes it's hard to find some servers. I perfectly understand when there are problems with the server, they need to be fixed. because they negatively affect the work of everything. For example, when I had server crash issues in Minecraft, I tried to find the best servers to play. At that time, I was already carefully reading and learning about the operation of these servers. Therefore, I was confident in the work of the new minecraft bedwars server. Since I was sure that they would not harm my Minecraft game.

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