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Sarcastic Tamagotchis for language learning (an AI app I've been working on)

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Hi All, fellow language learner here. Who else has completed a school class or a Duolingo tree and ended up far from fluent? I've done 3 Duolingo trees. Great product, but getting past beginner to fluent requires a lot of skill. I'm a big user of iTalki and Language Learning with Netflix, but I wanted a study tool that went beyond that and was more fun than Anki.

So the past year I've been researching how we can use some of the latest AI tech (artificial intelligence) to improve language learning. If AI can now generate rap songs about Harry Potter in the voice of Lil Wayne, surely it can be used to help us learn languages! And so Squidgies was born.

Squidgies are tamgotchis (digital pets) that you need to take care of by doing language learning exercises. What does it do exactly and why is it different?

  • Squidgies forces active recall through writing and speaking via translation exercises or games like Taboo
  • Squidgies understands the meaning of sentences, not just the words - so it is not about translating an exact phrase, but about communicating intent - just like real life.
  • Coaches you on grammar and fluency as you write/dictate (e.g. helping you understand the difference in semantics between various words/translations)
  • Applies spaced repetition to ensure nothing is forgotten (like Anki)
  • Gives you a real time "mastery score" of the language and adapts exercises to your level
  • Squidgies are sarcastic and react in funny ways to the things you write

For more screenshots and details, you can check out my LinkedIn post or Twitter thread.

If you are an intermediate learner in Spanish, French, or German, we're looking for beta testers and would love your input. We have room for about 20 more people. Just email me at dan AT netzooid.com for access.

Translation of screenshot below for those who don't read French: It's true, he also lives on cheese and wine!

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 15.30.10.png

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 16.00.30.png

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