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Teachee - A tool for language tutors to better teach pronunciation

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Hello there :smile:

My partner and I made Teachee and we start having a few people working with us regularly, so we're feeling more confident to share :smile:

Teachee (https://teachee.io/) is a tool which helps language tutors better teach pronunciation. It allows them to create lessons on the fly during the call, recording sentences of interest and annotating them if needed. Teachee will automatically translate the sentence in your native language as well. 

We believe one of the problems learning pronunciation is that it impedes the conversation flow, having to stop and repeat problematic words. We're hoping for Teachee to make this easier as the teacher can easily record a personalised pronunciation lesson and the student can practice more at a time of his choosing. 

As a student you can later review your lesson, trying to pronounce the sentences again (or listening to them) directly on Teachee - or you can also export flashcards to Anki.

We have a quick (1 min) demo video if you'd like to take a peek! And a bit of a longer one (6 min), showing Teachee in detail as well.

There is a free version for you to try (make sure to claim your 10 free credits after registering!) and if you have any feedback don't hesitate to let me know! :smile:

I wish you all a great day,

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