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Online Resources for the study of the Korean Language [KOREAN]

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Online Language Learning Resources for Korean


-KBS runs this website. You can learn Korean in your native language. Announcers recorded the videos calmly and slowly, so it is easy to understand what they say. Pronunciation is written in English. I highly recommend you to study in this website  :love:


-This website run by the Sogang University in Korea. this website has various data to learn Korea, but the pronunciation in flash videos is too fast to understand.


This is Global Korean website. You must sign up and log in to study Korean. They have different levels for beginners, intermediate level, and highest level. There is only one problem. Even though this website is for foreigners to Korean, this website doesn't support English.


if you like to watch Korean TV shows, Arirang will be a best TV program for you. You can not only watch Korean singers, but also can learn Korean. There are various classes to learn Korean. I hope you try watching Arirang!

Writer: Joo K

Location: Seoul, Korea

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