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Modern italian vs. Italian spoken in the Renaissance period


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I don't have any background in the Italian language nor its older and/or dialectal forms.

So I hope, someone can help me with a very specific problem ^^

How much differs the modern Italian language from the Italian during the Renaissance? To

be more precise, the Italian spoken in Florence around 1500.

Or a bit more hypothetical: Assuming Leonardo da Vinci met someone from our modern time,

would he be able to understand him? And vice versa?

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Short answer is "yes, I'd understand Leonardo but it would be hard"....

Florentine from 16th century isn't easy to understand nevertheless it is understandable... But I guess that nowadays it would be possible to understand only the language that comes from Florence area, the language on which modern Italian it is derived...

Other dialects are totally impossible to understand even nowadays: e.g. A guy from Verona, north east of Italy has no chance of understanding a person from Vibo Valentia, south of Italy and vice versa if they were to speak their respective dialects

Sorry for reopening this old topic but it seemed a good one and I didn't want for it to go unresolved...

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