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Effective Tips for Learning Russian Language


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Some good tips on how to study Russian

There is a popular belief that Russian is a very sophisticated language and sometimes it is even compared with Chinese. It is defiantly, you may encounter some problems, trying to grasp numerous grammar rules, pronunciation and basics of Russian phraseology. However, many people agree that Russian language is not as difficult as it seems. Process of studying any foreign language may take up to 2 years.  Possibly, it is optimal time to be able to speak fluently.

Here are some tips, which will help you to concentrate on main issues in learning Russian.

1. Well, first and the foremost thing is to learn the alphabet, which consist of 33 letters. Be ready, that some sounds do not have analogues at all. In general, there are 42 sounds in Russian. You won’t do without this step, even if to learn some popular words and phrases by heart. So it is the initial thing to begin with.

2. Gradually, enlarge a word stock. Learning the alphabet and reading rules, write new words in a vocabulary and repeat them regularly. Actually, there are many methods and strategies for learning words.  One of them is using stickers. Stick small cards with new words everywhere in your room, kitchen, hall. Every day you will see them, read and thus learn.

3. Do not neglect learning grammar rules. The point is, you will not be able to build a sentence without understanding of Russian grammar. Surely, Grammar of Russian language has own peculiarities. For example, there are no articles. Many students agree that the most difficult thing is to inflect words for cases (there are six cases). 

4. You will need to learn fixed phrases and meaning of certain words, if you do not want to get into an embarrassed situation. But do not worry, it’s the simplest thing.

Following these recommendations, you have high chances to speak Russian fluently!

Good Luck!

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