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Numerals Are Not Just Figures...


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We count something every day: money, days, hours, pages, minutes, products and so on.

However, it is very interesting fact that numeral is not big part of speech and it counts just several dozens of words. Studying any foreign language, you can not avoid this important part of grammar. In spite of the fact, we do not have too many words to express numerals, you will need to understand using of this part of speech.

All numerals fall into two main groups: cardinals and ordinals.

Cardinals are divided into simple, derived and compound.

Here is this classification:

0 zero - nol´ Ноль

1 one - один odin

2 two - два dva

3 three - три tri

4 four - четыре četyre

5 five - пять pât´

6 six - шесть šest´

7 seven – семь sem´

8 eight – восемь vosem´

9 nine – девять devât´

10 ten – десять desât´

11 eleven – одиннадцать odinnadcat

12 twelve – двенадцать ´ dvenadcat´

13 thirteen – тринадцать trinadcat´

14 fourteen – четырнадцать četyrnadcat´

15 fifteen – пятнадцать pâtnadcat

16 sixteen – шестнадцать ´ šestnadcat

17 seventeen – семнадцать ´ semnadcat´

18 eighteen – восемнадцать vosemnadcat´

19 nineteen – девятнадцать devâtnadcat´

20 twenty – двадцать dvadcat´

21 twenty one, two, etc… двадцать один,  двадцать два… dvadcat´ odin,  dvadcat´ dva…

30 thirty – тридцать tridcat´

40 forty – сорок sorok

50 fifty – пятьдесят pât´desât

60 sixty –шестьдесят šest´desât

70 seventy – семьдесят  sem´desât

80 eighty – восемьдесят  vosem´desât

90 ninety – девяносто devânosto

100 one hundred - сто  sto

1000 one thousand – одна тысяча  odna tysâča

1.00o.000 one million – один миллион  odin million

And look how to pronounce ordinals:

1st first – первый pervyj

2nd second – второй vtoroj

3rd third – третий tretij

4th fourth – четвертый četvertyj

5th fifth – пятый  pâtyj

6th sixth – шестой  šestoj

7th seventh  - седьмой  sed´moj

8th eights - восьмой  vos´moj

9th ninth – девятый devâtyj

10th tenth and so on…. Десятый  desâtyj ...

By the way, among the Ordinals we also have simple, derived and compound.

However, in Russian language Numeral is not very easy part of speech to learn, like in English. Mainly because every numeral changes its inflexion by cases. So be very attentive, when you are pronouncing numerals in context. 

In addition to it, I want to discuss collective nouns in this post. The point is some nouns, which we ca not count are called collective and have own form of plural.

For example:

Горох (pea)– goroh 

Молоко (Milk)– moloko

Цемент (Cement)– cement

Очки – (Glasses)očki

Ворота – (Gates)vorota

Именины – (Birthday party) imeniny

Будни - (Usual days) budni

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