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Language sayings


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In Portugal we have a saying "Burro velho não aprende linguas" literally meaning, old donkey doesn't learn languages lol. I don't think this is true, but it's popular speech... Do you have language sayings in your country, do you think they are true?

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Language related sayings?

I would have to give this some thought.

I know of one, it is in French, but primarily used in Belgium I suppose.

"Pour les flamands, la même chose." (For the Flemish, the same applies)

It is used by the Flemish and the Walloons alike to point out that for instance a manual, guideline, rule or something similar is only explained in French and not in Dutch.

Mostly, it is said jokingly.

However, it has been a long time since I have heard anyone say that. Due to language rules, national documents are mostly in 4 languages: Dutch, French, German and additionally English.

On a regional level, language laws are now prevalent. Because of this, e.g. civil servants in Flanders are not supposed to speak French while dealing with clients; not even when the client does not speak Dutch at all.

Because of this, I would say that the saying no longer applies in Belgium and that nowadays, the situation is mostly the other way round.

Another one is:

"De vogel zingt zoals hij gebekt is"

The bird sings the way that it is allowed by the shape of its beak"

It means: a man's speech is shaped by his convictions.

Sometimes I wonder whether that would not be the other way round: that by speaking one language, that could well influence the way you think of another language.

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