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Russian Quotes: Read to Know More


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Written statements of popular poets, actors, scientists, artists are called quotations.  Every quotation hides certain gist or an emotion. We have millions of them in Russian language. Most of them are from literature. In this post I want to offer you some interesting quotes, which can turn into nice leisure. Every quote needs thorough reading, revising, and understanding. So begin reading right now!

1. “Our words are the best intonation.”


    “На́ши лу́чшие слова – интона́ции”

    М.И.Цветаева (1892-1941)

    “Náši lúčšie slova – intonácii” M.I.Cvetaeva

2. “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”  Anton Chekhov

      “Знания не имеют никакой ценности, если их не применять на практике” Антон Чехов

      “Znaniâ ne imeût nikakoj cennosti, esli ih ne primenât´ na praktike” Anton Čehov

3. “I was ready to love the world, but no one understood me, so I learned to hate.”

        “Я был готов люби́ть весь мир, - меня́ никто́ не по́нял: и я вы́учился"              М.Ю.Лермонтов (1814-1841)

        Â byl gotov lûbít´ ves´ mir, - menấ niktó ne pónâl: i â výučilsâ nenavídet´” M.Û.Lermontov

4. “Love is stronger than death and fear of death. Life is supported by love and advances only through love.” (1818-1883)


      “Любо́вь сильне́е сме́рти и стра́ха сме́рти. То́лько е́ю, то́лько любо́вью де́ржится и движется  жизнь.”


      Lûbóv´ sil´née smérti i stráha smérti. Tól´ko éû, tól´ko lûbóv´û déržitsâ i dvižetsâ žizn´.”


5. “The less we love a woman, the easier we please her.” A.S. Pushkin

        “Чем мéньше же́нщину мы любим, тем легче нра́вимся мы ей”.


        Čem mén´še žénŝinu my lûbim, tem legče nrávimsâ my ej”.


6. “Intelligence is there just to achieve what you want.” F. Dostoyevsky

      “На то и ум, что́бы достичь того́, чего́ хо́чешь.”


      Na to i um, čtóby dostič´ togó, čegó hóčeš´.”


  Concluding, it is necessary to say that Quotation is a strong tool to express something. Nowadays it is widely used like a status in social networks. We often see quotations in Facebook, Twitter and even Skype! I consider, that quote is something more than just several words, posted in your Facebook profile. Quotation is a method to express thoughts and possibly find a way out from challenging situation.   

Also, I would like to offer all members of linguaholic.com to join this thread and write here favorite quotes.  :smile:

Good Luck!

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I loved your quotes :)  I'll use one of them (the love/hate one)  in Skype, I loved it and find it to be so true. So far I think  Russian people must be so cultured and very educated people, in my country on one reads and couldn't care less about author quotations, let alone be a sign of status.

The more I learn about the Russian society the more in love I fall with it and the more I want to learn it :)

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