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Learn how to introduce yourself in Greek in a few minutes!


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How to introduce yourself in Greek // Greek lesson for Beginners

Greek language has a lot of ways to express the same thing and this fact is one of the most known attributes of this language.

One easy way to introduce yourself is by saying : "me lene" + your name

It is pronounced  "meh leneh" and in Greek it is written : "Με λένε" and it means "My name is"

One other way to say your name is: "To onoma mou einai" + your name

It is pronounced  "to onoma mu ineh" and in Greek it is written "Το όνομα μου είναι" and it means the same thing as the above.

Finally, the easiest way is by saying :"eimai o" + your name

It is pronounced as "imeh o" and in Greek it is written "Είμαι ο" and it means "I am"

All these could be answers to the questions "Poio einai to onoma sou?" or "Ποιό είναι το όνομα σου, which both stand for the question "What's your name?;" as well as "Pws se lene?" or "Πως σε λένε;"

I hope I made it clear,but feel free to ask me whatever seems unfamiliar! :)

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