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Most distinct accent within English English.

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Within England, what do you think the most distinct accent is?

I would have to say Scouse(Liverpool) is the most distinct, almost as distinct as Scottish, and even more so than welsh in my opinion. Not only that, but it's also very distinct from the surrounding accents of Lancashire.

Geordie is also pretty distinct, but not as much so as Scouse.

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What of the Manchester accent? I always thought it sounded a lot different. . .

. . .of course it doesn't come close to being as distinct as Welsh, but well. . .

The Manchester accent seems pretty much like the other northern accents of Sheffield Leeds etc.

The welsh accent is distinct, but not as much as Scottish, although maybe it's my southern bias there. I would say the accent of Manchester is closer to Geordie (150 miles away) than it is to Scouse (40 miles away).

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