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Java Programming Language: It's a must-know for developers in 2022

Riya Sain

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These are three reasons Java is still relevant. There are three other reasons Java is losing its relevance. What does all this mean for Java developers?

"Should Java be your first language?"

This is a question you might ask yourself if you are a beginner or an expert Java developer. Java feels older and Java is less popular.

I cannot tell you whether Java programming should still be taught by 2022. Java is essential, but Java could be slowly dying.



Why Java is Still Relevant

Let's begin with the many advantages Java has in modern programming.

1. Massive Java codebases

This is an excellent reason to learn Java 2022. Java code has been written so many times that someone will have to maintain it for many years.

Employers searching for Java programmers will be more interested in candidates who have mastered Java. Java programmers, such as those created in FORTRAN and COBOL decades ago, are highly sought-after.

"Should Java become your first language?"

This question is one you may ask yourself whether you're a novice or an experienced Java developer. Java is becoming less popular and Java feels older.

I can't tell you whether Java programming should be taught by 2022. Java may be slowly dying, but I can tell you three reasons Java is important.

Why Java is Still Relevant

Let's start with the many benefits Java offers in modern programming.

1. Massive Java codebases

It is a great reason to learn Java 2022. There has been so much Java code written and someone will be responsible for maintaining that code for many years.

Employers looking for Java programmers will find you more relevant if you learn Java. Java codebases such as the ones created in FORTRAN or COBOL many decades ago are not going anywhere. Java programmers are also highly sought after.

2. Java can be used anywhere you are
Java's platform independence is one of the reasons it was so popular in the 1990s. Java programs can run on Linux and Windows without needing to modify your code.

Java is a great choice for general-purpose programming. Although newer languages (like Go) are also relatively platform-independent, Java arguably remains the gold standard of programming languages that let you write your code once and run it anywhere.

3. Java is extremely modular
Another reason Java was so popular is its emphasis on modularity. Java was not the first object-oriented language. However, it is likely that it was the most widely utilized.

Java's modularity, object-oriented architecture and modularity are its strong points. Java is a popular choice among developers who wish to reuse code within a company.


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However, you can make a strong argument that Java is less worth learning.

1. Java is losing its popularity

Java is slowly losing popularity. Java was once the most widely used language.

Java will not disappear. Java programmers will be needed by businesses around the globe for decades to keep their legacy codebases intact.

Java may not be the best language for creating new or maintaining existing things.

2. Platform independence will be less important in 2022

Java's platform independence is less important today than it was 10-20 decades ago.

Software-defined environments have become the norm. Virtual machines, containers and cloud services allow you to run your application anywhere you like.

This means that you don't need to modify your code in order to make your app run as you wish. Instead, you can modify the hosting environment.

However, this doesn't mean that application portability is no longer important. Java is more important than ever.

3. Java is not an easy language

Java is simple to learn.

Java code is easy to understand and simple to use. Java code is simpler and easier to use than Python languages.

Java is a great language for college students who are learning to code. Java is not the best choice for professionals who require simple and elegant code to be created quickly.


Java will not disappear quickly. Java is not likely to disappear soon because it is so deeply embedded in programming culture, codebases and programming practices.

Java isn’t the universal programming language it was in the 2000s or 1990s. Java's golden age is over.

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