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Korean questions


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Learning Korean questions is important because its structure is used in everyday conversation.  First we need to know what the role of Korean questions in the structure of the grammar. Korean questions usually start with Wh-questions like 'why, where, when, how...'

Let's look at some words of Wh-quesions :party::

who = 누가? (nu ga?)

when = 언제? (en jae?)

where = 어디서? (eo thee sur?)

what = 무엇을? (mu eos eur?)

how  =  어떻게? (eo tteoh ge?)

why = 왜? (wae?)

From now on, we will learn how to make Korean questions by using Wh-questions.

When did you go there? = 언제 거기에 가셨나요? (en jae gar gi ae ga shet na yo?)

how did you meet him? = 어떻게 그를 만나셨나요? (eottioh ge rel man na shet na yo?)

Why did you cry? = 우셨나요? (wae ow shet na yo?)

Where is he? = 그는 어디있나요?  (ge neun eo di it na yo?)

Who is he? = 그는 누구인가요? (ge neun nu go en ga yo?)

What's your name? = 이름이 무엇입니까? (i reum i mu eo ep ni kka?)

As you can see above, the structure of the Korean questions has a logical pattern.

However, you must know that the style of the words can be changed. Please try to memorize following words.

누구(nu gu) = who

누가(nu ga )= who, who+ subject marker

누굴(nu gul)= who + object marker

어떤(au tten)= which (one), what (kind of)

무슨(mu sen)= what (kind of)~

무엇(mu aut)= what

뭘 (mull)= what + object marker

무얼 (mu aul)= something + object marker

어느 (au ne)= which (kind of)

어느 것 (au ne gut)= which(thing)

어디 (au di)= where

어느 쪽 (au ne jjok)= which side, which way

언제 (eun jae)= when

얼마나 (eul ma na)= how many(or much)

왜 (wae)= why

어째서 (au jjae sur)= why

웬일 (wan ill)= for what reason

어떻게 =(au ddo kae) how, in what way

If you understand and memorize the words, you will speak Korean Questions very fluently! please feel free to ask if you have any questions.  :grin:

Location: Seoul

Writer: Joo K

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