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The Greek alphabet


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The Greek alphabet is the script that has been used to write the Greek language since the 8th century BC. It is the same for both Ancient and Modern Greek.

Below you can check all 24 letters with the right pronunciation and an example for each of it used in a word.

Αα            A-lpha                  Αθήνα (a-THEE-na) =  Athens (capital of Greece)

Ββ            VEE-ta                  βήμα (VEE-ma) = step

Γγ            Ga-ma                γάτα (GA-ta) = cat

Δδ            DE-lta                δάσος (THΑ-sos) = forest    --"th" here sounds like in "the"

Εε            E-psee-lon            ελέφαντας (e-LE-pha-ntas) = elephant

Ζζ          ZEE-ta                ζέβρα (ZE-vra) = zebra

Ηη          ΕΕ-τα                ήλιος (EE-lios) = sun

Θθ          THEE-ta                Θεσσαλονίκη (the-sa-lo-NEE-kee) =Thessaloniki (city of Greece)

Ιι            GEEO-ta                  Iούλιος (i-OU-li-os) = July

Κκ            KA-pa                κήπος (KEE-pos)  = garden

Λλ          LA-mda                λεμόνι  (le-MO-nee) = lemon

Μμ          MEE                μωρό  (mo-RO) = baby

Νν          NEE                νερό  (ne-RO) = water

Ξξ          KSEE                ξύλο (KSEE-lo) = wood

Oo          O-mi-kron          oμελέτα (o-me-LE-ta) = omelet

Ππ          PEE                παγωτό (pagoto) = icecream

Ρρ          Rο                ρύζι (REE-zee) = rice

Σσς          SEE-gma          σοκολάτα (so-ko-LA-ta)  = chocolate

                                        μαθητής = (ma-thee-TEES) = student

Tτ          TAF                Τράπεζα (TRΑ-pe-za) = Bank

Υυ          EE-psee-lon        υπολογιστής(ee-po-lo-gee-STEES) = computer

Φφ          FEE                φίδι (FEE-di) = snake

Χχ          CHEE                χώρα(CHO-rα) = country

Ψψ          PSEE                ψωμί (pso-MEE) = bread

Ωω          o-ME-ga                ώμος (O-mos) = shoulder

Intonation in Greek

Note that Greek have tonality.  A dot over a vowel means that this syllable is emphasized.

** Did you know? The word "Alphabet" derives from Άλφα + Βήτα (the two first letters of Greek alphabet Αα, Ββ)

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