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Winter Olympic Games vocabulary


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Ok, everybody knows that there are Winter Olympic Games take place in Sochi, Russia. Due to this event I would like to present some Japanese words and phrases dedicated to the Olympic Games. So, today I`ll give some words that used during the Olympics, but not only them. Taking into account the fact that baseball is probably one of the most famous game in Japan I will give some words connected to this sport too. This game is not one of the official Olympic games but I can`t ignore it, just because it`s extremely popular among Japanese people.

So, let`s start with simple words that mean names of the Olympic sport games:

ソチオリンピック [sochiorinpikku] - Sochi Olimpic Games

アルプススキー [arupususukii] - Alpine skiing

バイアスロン [baiasuron] - Biathlon

ボブスレー [bobusuree] - Bobsleigh

カーリング [kaaringu] - Curling

フィギュアスケート [figyuasukeeto] - Figure skating

アイスホッケー [aisuhokkee] - Ice hockey

リュージュ [ryuuzyu] - Luge

スキーのジャンプ [sukiinozyanpu] - Ski jumping

スノーボード [sunooboodo] - Snowboarding

As you can see all the words are displayed with katakana, which means these words are adopted in Japanese language.

Here are some sports phrases:

優勝(する)[yuushoo] - a victory, championship; also you may add suffix する (suru) to make a verb, i.e. - "to win"

勝つ [katsu] - to win

負ける [makeru] - to lose

勝負 [shoobu] - a match, contest, game

決勝 [kesshou] - final game

1対2 [ichitaini] - (a score of) one to two

結果 [kekka] - a result

Now, as I said before couple of phrases about baseball:

野球 [yakyuu] - baseball

投手 [tousyu] - pitcher (baseball)

キャッチャー [kyattyaa] - catcher

投げる [nageru] - to throw

カーブ [kaabu] - (1) curve, (2) curve ball (baseball)

I think that`s would be enough for this moment. If you need more words or you have some thoughts about this topic, leave a comment, ask a question and I`ll try to help you. See ya!

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