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Russian Calendar Words


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I think that this post will be very helpful for beginners. Agree, that studying any foreign language, you should know how to say calendar terms, like days of the week, months, and year. These words and expressions are used very often. When we want to say about an event, that is going to happen or has already happened. It will not be too difficult, everything you need is to memorize given words and understand cases declension (from grammar).

Review and learn by heart Russian days of the week:

Понедельник - Ponedel´nik -Monday

Вторник - Vtornik – Tuesday

Среда – Sreda – Wednesday

Четверг – Četverg – Thursday

Пятница – Pâtnica - Friday

Суббота – Subbota - Saturday

Воскресенье - Voskresen´e – Sunday

That is all!

День - Den´ - Day

Неделя - Nedelâ – Week

Now, I will give you Russian words for saying months

Двенадцать месяцев  - Dvenadcat´ mesâcev  - 12 months

Январь - Ânvar´ - January

Февраль - Fevral´ - February

Март – Mart - March

Апрель - Aprel´- April

Май – Maj - May

Июнь - Iûn´ - June

Июль - Iûl´ - July

Август – Avgust – August

Сентябрь - Sentâbr´ - September

Октябрь - Oktâbr´- October

Ноябрь - Noâbr´ - November

Декабрь - Dekabr´ - December

Also, you have to learn how to say years.

Now is две тысячи четырнадцатый год (dve tysâči četyrnadcatyj god). In English it will be 2014 year.

Год –  God - year

Don’t forget about declensions. Here is a sample for the word year.

Nominative  го́д (singular)              го́ды or года́ (plural)

Genitive го́да (singular)                  годо́в (plural)

Dative го́ду (singular)                    года́м (plural)

Accusative го́д (singular)              го́ды or года́ (plural)

Instrumental го́дом  (singular)        года́ми  (plural)

Prepositional го́де or в году́ (singular)    года́х(plural)

When describing any event, you may use following expressions and useful words:

С Новым Годом !– S Novym Godom – Happy New Year !

Високосный год – Visokosnyj god – a leap year

Учебный год – Učebnyj god – academic year

Круглый год – Kruglyj god – the whole round year

В годах - V godah – middle-aged

Текущий год – Tekuŝij god – current year

Три года тому назад – Tri goda tomu nazad – three years ago

Удачный год – Udačnyj god – good year

На прошлой неделе – Na prošloj nedele – last week

В прошлом месяце – V prošlom mesâce – last month

Завтра - Zavtra - tomorrow

Сегодня – Segodnâ – today

Позавчера – Pozavčera – the day before yesterday

Сейчас – Sejčas – now

Послезавтра – Poslezavtra – the day after tomorrow

Вчера - Včera - Yesterday

Good Bye!

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Awesome post!  I love the fat you don't only introduce to us the words in Russian, but also include an approximate pronunciation. That's amazing, kinda sad to see you are no longer active on here :(  I hope you come back here and see some people on here really appreciate your effort!

To be honest the only thing that kinda confused me and even scared me was the ''declensions'' part.  It was really confusing, but I guess I will really be able to tell once I start studying Russian.

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