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Free app Memorize Vocabulary


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Automate your learning process through flashcards and notifications

Import vocabulary, definitions to the app from Excel, text, Google Translate, Quizlet

One click in the app will start teach and remind through pop-up notifications

Simple and convenient pronunciation checking by clicking on the notification or button in flashcard

Random quizzes with the option of reversing words and definitions


Easy export, imports using Excel, text, Quizlet, Google Translator



Extremely handy pop-up notifications on your phone screen while mainting activity on other apps

On blocked screen, without touching the phone


- Reverse Question and Answer

- Select as learned

- Show only to learn or all


- You can import the saved favourites phrases from Google Translator, text, Quizlet

Example import text  with TAB separator

term1   definition

term2   definition2

term3   definition3

text definition

text definition

term4   definition4

- Category learning progress

link -  Memorize Vocabulary



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