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how good with French do you have to be before...

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Greetings all - I joined this site to get this question answered, for starters. I love trying to tackle foreign languages, I am currently a typical One Language American (ugh) but have conquered a little basic Czech and German and Spanish and would like to get some real French down before I tour the place which I'm dying to do. I got very nice compliments on my Czech when in Prague this year so I have some talent for it. But I've heard consistent complaints that the French just sneer at anyone who doesn't do their language exactly right, as opposed to other countries (like Czechia) where they are charmed by a blockhead American making an effort with their language. Since French is SO "back of the throat" it is a real effort to adjust to the technique, worse than German I feel, and so I'm wondering if it's worth the effort to get a few stumbling sentences down, or just hold out for an English speaker over there. I would really like to show my cosmopolitan ambitions but hell, I want it to be appreciated. Maybe if I play guitar for them it would help smooth the way, I'm good at that haha. Thanks. And merci too.

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