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Give me feedback! Small conversational language learning app


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I moved to Spain a little over year ago, and started immediately practicing Spanish with Duolingo, however felt like I was still stuck conversationally, and like I made no progress in being able to talk with anyone in real life.

I tried to search around options to practice Spanish at low level conversationally, and only options I found was to use GPT-3 (later when it was released, ChatGPT too) and feed instructions to it at start of each session.

However after some time this got quite cumbersome, as I had to always re-feed the prompts, store the prompts on own file and copy paste them everytime and sometimes ChatGPT was offline without premium.

I however felt, with correct prompts ChatGPT was quite good at conversationally exposing me to great set of words, and like I was actually making progress.

I have couple of friends who are learning different languages(French and English) and shared my setup with them - however as they aren't as technically savvy, they had problems understanding when to prompt what on ChatGPT.

I decided to give it a go, and built a app that does this all automatically, you just set the language you want to learn, and your own language, and go ahead and practice.

Because of the price I have to pay for OpenAI to use GPT-3, I have currently limited the app to 5 messages per day without subscription, but I am going to adjust this as I see how my bill will be for using this.

I honestly want any feedback for the app, as I've mostly built it for my own needs and probably have developed tunnel vision.

I would love if any of you could try out this app and give me some feedback.

The app is available for both iOS and Android at https://languageer.com

Thank you

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