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Anyone studied a romance language after Latin


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I've read a lot that studying Latin will help you in learning other romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese) although I don't actually know of anyone who has done so, for those who have, what time frame reduction should one be looking at, half the time, quarter the time? I assume Italian will be even faster than the rest as the most related.

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I truly think there is no way to calculate a fixed rate. I'd dare to say learning Latin can help to understand and even learn other romance languages, but not much, since the spellings are so different.

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I am still learning Latin and I haven't yet tried really learning other Romance languages, but I did find some of the Spanish vocabulary familiar. Same goes for Italian. Even English - about 50% of English vocabulary is Latin based. I do believe knowing Latin helps, if nothing, it gives you an another perspective - that of a language which doesn't follow the SVO pattern (Subject-Verb-Object), typical for most languages, English included, but prefers the verb at the end. Is this the same for Italian? I really wouldn't know.

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Like Trellum said, there is no way to calculate a fixed rate. How fast you learn a new langauge is all about variables. Having studied Latin beforehand is one such variable. So is your learning abilities, your study skills, your study habits, the language of the city you are living in... All of these variables, and more, affect how quick or how slow you learn another language.

But in general, learning Latin beforehand does help you learn another Romance language easier and faster. But I have to say, studying any Romance language will make it easier to study a second.

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