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Japanese Vocabulary/Laundry and cleaning


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Hi every one, I cointinue providing Japanese vocabulary concerning housework. Today I`ll talk about laundry and cleaning up. So, let`s start with laundry vocabulary:

洗濯物 [sentakumono] - laundry

たまる [tamaru] - (laundry) piles up

ぬれている [nureteiru] - wet

乾く [kawaku] - to dry

湿っている [shimetteiru] - not dry

洗剤 [senzai] - dish soap

ためる [tameru] - to let it pile up

ぬらす [nurasu] - to wet

干す [hosu] - to put it out for drying

たたむ [tatamu] - to fold

Next phrases you may find usuful in this topic:

服を汚す [fuku wo yogosu] - to get one`s clothes dirty

そでが真っ黒に汚れる [sodega makkuroni yogoreru] - the cuffs have become very dirty

洗剤を入れる [senzai wo ireru] - to add detergent

スーツをクリーニングに出す [suutsu wo kurininguni dasu] - to send a suit to the dry cleaners

タオルを干す [taoru wo hosu] - to dry a towel

服をつるす [fuku wo tsurusu] - to hang an outfit

Clean up:

掃除 [souzi] - Clean up

エプロン [epuron] - apron

ほうき [houki] - broom

ちりとり [chiritori] - dust pan

ぞうきん [zoukin] - rag

バケツ [baketsu] - backet

Usuful phrases:

エプロンをする/かける/つける [epuron wo suru/kakeru/tsukeru] - to put apron on

掃除機をかける [souzi wo kakeru] - to vacuum

ソファーをどける [soufaa wo dokeru] - to push the couch aside

ほこりを取る [hokori wo toru] - to dust

ほうきで掃く [houki de haku] - to sweep

部屋を散らかす [heya wo chirakasu] - to clutter the room

部屋を片付ける [heya wo katazukeru] - to tidy up the room

水をくむ [mizu wo kumu] - to fill with water

ぞうきんをぬらす [zoukin wo nurasu] - to wet the rag

ぞうきんをしぼる [zoukin wo shiboru] - to wring the rag

ジュースをこぼす [zyuusu wo kobosu] - to spill the juice

I will continue post different vocabulary topics. If you are looking for a particular theme of a vocabulary leave a comment and maybe I could help you. I have lots of Japanese materials. Good luck!

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