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Slovanto - Do slavic conlangs make any sense?

Kot Lang

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An interesting Levenshtein distance experiment applied to 9 slavic languages Belarussian, Bulgarian, Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian. The algoritm calculates a word closest to its counterparts (in theory the best mutually intelligible across Slavic region). It also works on grammar rules (for example adjective suffixes). Let me know what do you think. Does it make sense at all? Will Slavs understand each other?



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The experiment you mentioned, applying the Levenshtein distance algorithm to find the closest words across nine Slavic languages, is indeed an interesting approach to exploring mutual intelligibility within the Slavic region. The concept of mutual intelligibility refers to the ability of speakers of different but related languages to understand each other to some extent geometry dash bloodbath

While Slavic languages share common roots and have similarities in vocabulary and grammar, the degree of mutual intelligibility varies across the language family. Some Slavic languages, such as Czech and Slovak, are known to have a relatively high degree of mutual intelligibility due to their close linguistic relationship. However, for other Slavic languages, such as Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian, the level of mutual intelligibility with other Slavic languages may be lower.

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