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How do I text in Spanish on my iphone?

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I'm using a combination of flash cards I create for myself, super duo lingo, and notes I take from a youtube channel I discovered called Spring Spanish in order to learn spanish. NOTE: I'm studying the spanish language in the context of the spanish spoken in Mexico, because I'm preparing to immigrate to Mexico from the USA. 

Anyway, thanks to the duo lingo app, I discovered that if I hold down the "world" icon, I can download a spanish keyboard. ...well, sort of haha. 

I'm attempting to use a spanish keyboard on my iphone so that I can practice using the correct accents when punctuating spanish when using the Duo Lingo app. However, the only accent I found I can use (that I'm aware of) is the wiggly line over the letter n when spelling words like nino/nina (boy/girl). But I cannot find the accent needed to properly text/punctuate words like tio/tia (uncle/aunt), where you have a slanted accent symbol in place of the dot in the lower case i. 

How can I solve this issue? Am I just not using my iphone correctly? If I can solve this issue, I can practice using ALL the proper accents when I study on super duo lingo. 

Thanks for any help on this issue.  

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