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Hello, today I want to share with you some words and phrases that are used in order to describe someone`s appearence. First of all I want to give you some Japanese words that describe parts of a face:

額 [hitai] - forehead

まつげ [matsuge] - eyelash

ほう/ほほ [hou/hoho] - cheek

まゆ/まゆげ [mayu/mayuge] - eyebrow

まぶた [mabuta] - eyelid

唇 [kuchibiru] - lips

So, now you are familiar with the parts of a face and I can give you couple words, due to which you can describe your look:

衣服 [ifuku] - clothes

ネックレス [nekkuresu] - necklace

イヤリング [iyaringu] - earrings

ベルト [beruto] - belt

パンツ [pantsu] - undershorts (for men), panties (for women)

下着 [sitagi] - underwear

上着 [uwagi] - coat, jacket

And some phrases that you can use while getting ready:

シャワーを浴びる [syawaa o abiru] - to take a shower

ひげをそる [hige o soru] - to shave; ex: きれいにひげいをそった顔 - a clean-shaven face

髪をとく/とくす [kami o toku/tokusu] - to brush one`s hair

歯をみがく [ha o migaku] - to brush one`s teeth note --> 歯みがき [hamigaki] - toothpaste; ex: 歯みがき粉をつける [hamigakiko o tsukeru] - to put toothpaste on one`s brush

(お)化粧をする [(o)kesyou o suru] - to put a make-up on

口紅を塗る/つける [kuchibeni o nuru/tsukeru] - to put on lipstick

服を着替える [fuku o kigaeru] - to change one`s clothes note --> 着替え [kigae] - changing clothes

おしゃれをする [o syare o suru] - to get dressed up; note --> おしゃれなひと [osyarenahito] - smartly dressed person

手袋をはめる/する [tebukuru o hameru/suru] - to put on gloves

指輪をはめる/する [yubiwa o hameru/suru] - to wear a ring

ひもを結ぶ [himo o musubu] - to tie a string; note --> ほどく [hodoku] - to untie

マフラーを巻く/する [mafuraa o maku/suru] - to wrap a muffler around the neck

As usual if you have any questions, leave a comment. Good luck!

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