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Vocabulary/Appearance part 2


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I want to continue previous topic by adding some words and phrases that I`m sure ladies will appreciate!

So, let`s get started with the types of the form of clothes:

そでなし [sodenashi] - sleeveless

半そで [hansode] - short sleeve

長そで [nagasode] - long sleeve

When you talk about embroidery pattern of clothes:

無地 [muzi] - plain

柄 [gara] - patern

しま [shima] - stripped

ゆるい [yurui] - loose (about a skirt)

きつい [kitsui] - tight (about a skirt)

Couple phrases that will help you during shopping:

買い物 (をする)[kaimono (o suru)] - to go shopping

似合う [niau] - to look good on someone; ex: 黒がよくお似合いです。 [kuro ga yoku onioidesu] - Black suites you well.

気に入る [ki ni iru] - to take a fancy to..; note --> お気に入り [o ki ni iri] - one`s favorite; ex:

このネクタイは気に入らない、別のを見せてください。 [kono nekutai ha kiniiranai, betsuno wo misetekudasai] - I don`t like this tie; show me another one.

好む [konomu] - to like; note --> 好み [konomi] - one`s taste

ピンク [pinku] - pink

目だつ色 [medatsuiro] - a color that stands out

すてきなデザイン [sutekinadezain] - nice design

はでな [hadena] - gaudy

地味な [zimina] - staid

模様 [moyou] - pattern

色 [iro] - color

はやっている [hayatteiru] - in fashion note --> はやり [hayari] - trend

売り切れる [urikireru] - to be sold out note --> 売り切れ [urikire] - sold out

サイズを確かめる [saizu o tashikameru] - to check the size

セールで買う [seeru de kau] - to buy it on sale

かごに入れる [kago ni ireru] - to put it in the shopping car

30パーセント(%)オフ [30 paasento ofu] - 30% off the the regular price; note --> you also can use authentic Japanese phrase: 3割引き [3 waribiki] - means the same

スーパーの特売品 [suupaa no tokubaihin] - special sale item at the supermarket

Therefore, I suppose these words/phrases will be usufel for you. It would be great if any of you could add some phrases to this list. Thank you.

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