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Cultural information: Key Words to Know Russians Better


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I prepared some Russian phrases for you. Their meaning and definition will be useful if you want to understand peculiarities of Russian culture. Thus, communicating with Russian people, you will not have misunderstanding. 

Самовар - Samovar 

Here is the illustration of Samovar:


It was used for making tea. Nowadays, we do not make tea in Samovar.

Трудовая книжка - Trudovaâ knižka – Employment record book.

This is a small book with employment records, such as position, company’s name, dates of employment and so on. Every citizen, who wants to work legally, should have this document. Otherwise, employment process will be impossible. 

Отчество – Otčestvo – Patronymic name

The full name of Russian people consists of patronymic.  Addressing to people, using patronymics is an official way of communication. Also, we say person’s patronymic when want to show respect to him or her. Usually, we address in this way to older people.

Микрорайон – Mikrorajon – Building estate

In big cities there is certain division of territory according to regions. Such regions with multiple blocks of flats are called Микрорайон. They have their own infrastructure: health centers, schools, shops, etc.

Матрешка – Matreška – set of Russian nesting dolls. It is actually the most common souvenir that you may bring from Russia.


Отопительный сезон - Otopitel´nyj sezon – heating season

Possibly you know about winter in Russia, it is really cold. That is why in the middle of October the heating comes and stops in May. The heating is controlled centrally, so every flat in a multistoried building has warm temperature during cold periods.

Начальные классы - Načal´nye klassy

Children begin education at the age of 6 or 7. The point is, we do not have separate primary schools in Russia. First 3 classes are called Начальные классы. Pupils learn mainly how to write, read and study arithmetic.

Коммунальные услуги - Kommunal´nye uslugi  -  communal services

This type of services includes cold and hot water supply, central heating, rubbish collection, streets sweeping, and everything relating to building maintenance.

Дача – Dača – Holiday home

Most of families prefer to visit their holiday home on weekends. Especially many adult people like growing flowers, fruits and vegetables there. So spring, summer and autumn are perfect seasons for Дача.

Прописка – Propiska – Registration

It is a special regulation, controlled by government, according to which citizens can remain in their hometown.

Ушанка – Ušanka  - Fur hat

Here is a photo of Ушанка to understand better: 


Actually, it is a fur hat with ear flaps. It was very popular in the Soviet Union.

I am ready to help if you do not know meaning of Russian words…



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OMG!!!!!!!  I love your post!!!!!!!!  It's so full of a lot cultural information, I have learnt a lot today thanks to you.  The aspect that makes learning Russian really attractive is learning more about their rich culture.  For some reason I really dig Russian culture! I love to learn more and more about it!  I'll definitely be learning the language as a hobby once I have time to have a hobby :)

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