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Japanese Vocabulary for body parts


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Hello, everyone! Today I want to share with you words that mean parts of the human body and the human face.

So, let`s get started with the Japanese vocabulary for parts of the body:

男性 [dansei] - male

女性 [josei] - female

首 [kubi] - neck

胸 [mune] - chest

腹 [hara] - abdomen

腰 [koshi] - hip

性器 [seiki] - genitals

脛 [sune] - shin

股間 [kokan] - groin

脚 [ashi] - leg

頭 [atama] - head

乳房 [chibusa] - breast

ウエスト [uesuto] - waist

臍 [heso] - navel

前腕 [zenwan] - forearm

太股 [futomomo] - thigh

膝 [hiza] - knee

足 [ashi] - foot

肩 [kata] - shoulder

腕 [ude] - arm

肘 [hiji] - elbow

手首 [tekubi] - wrist

手 [te] - hand

足首 [ashikubi] - ankle

首筋 [kubisuji] - nape

背中 [senaka] - back

脇の下 [waki no sita] - armplit

背中の窪み [senaka no kubomi] - small of back

尻 [siri] - buttock

脹脛 [fukurahagi] - calf

踵 [kakato] - heel

Japanese Vocabulary — Parts of the human face:

髪 [kami] - hair

皮膚 [hifu] - skin

眉毛 [mayuge] - eyebrow

まつげ [matsuge] - eyelash

耳 [mimi] - ear

鼻 [hana] - nose

黒子 [hokuro] - mole

唇 [kuchibiru] - lip

顎 [ago] - chin

額 [hitai] - forehead

こめかみ [komekami] - temple

目 [me] - eye

頬 [hoo] - cheek

鼻の穴 [hana no ana] - nostril

口 [kuchi] - mouth

顎 [ago] - jaw


薬指 [kusuriyubi] - ring finger

小指 [koyubi] - little finger

中指 [nakayubi] - middle finger

人差し指 [hitosashiyubi] - index finger

掌 [tenohira] - palm

爪 [tsume] - nail

甘皮 [amakawa] - cuticle

指の関節 [yubi no kansetsu] - knuckle

拳 [kobushi] - fist


足指 [ashiyubi] - toe

拇指球 [boshikyuu] - ball

足裏 [ashiura] - sole

足の甲の内側 [ashi no koo no uchigawa] - instep

土踏まず [tsuchifumazu] - arch

踵 [kakato] - heel

足の親指 [ashi no oyayubi] - big toe

足の甲 [ashi no koo] - bridge

足の爪 [ashi no tsume] - toenail

足の小指 [ashi no koyubi] - little toe

足首 [ashikubi] - ankle

That`s it for this topic. I have more words that describe the human body in the Japanese language. If you find this info useful and interesting, please leave a coment and I will create another topic with Japanese vocabulary concerning the human body. See ya!

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