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Happy Pancake Week! Learning Cooking Words!


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Traditionally Pancake week is a beautiful festival before the Lent. This week in Russia is called Масленица - Maslenica. People celebrate this holiday making pancakes with jam, honey and different stuffing.


Pancakes are yellow and have round form, so they symbolize the Sun. In this way people say goodbye to winter and meet spring. During the whole week people play games and visit friends, family. On Sunday – the last day of Maslenica, people make an effigy from straw and burn it. Large crowds of people gather together to have competitions, dance win prizes and certainly celebrate  Maslenica. 


If you like this Russian custom, so let’s make pancakes and learn Russian cooking words.

To make pancakes you will need such ingredients - ингредиенты - ingredienty :   

Яйца 10 шт  - Âjca 10 št - Ten eggs

1 стакан сахара - 1 stakan sahara - One glass of sugar

1 стакан сливок - 1 stakan slivok - One glass of cream                                   

2 стакана муки - 2 stakana muki - Two glasses of wheaten flour

50 гр сливочного масла -  50 gr slivočnogo masla - Butter 50 g

Приготовление - Prigotovlenie  - Cooking

Желтки растереть с сахаром, влить сливки и размешать.

Želtki rasteret´ s saharom, vlit´ slivki i razmešat´.

Yolks of eggs should be thoroughly intermixed with sugar, the cream should be poured in.

Всыпать муку и хорошо помешать.

Vsypat´ muku i horošo pomešat´.

Pour the flour and properly stir.

Полученную массу осторожно смешать со взбитыми белками и поставить кастрюлю в холодную воду.

Polučennuû massu ostorožno smešat´ so vzbitymi belkami i postavit´ kastrûlû v holodnuû vodu.

The thoroughly whipped whites of eggs should be carefully mixed with the previously obtained mass and all that should be put within a pan into the cold water.

Выпекать блинчики на хорошо смазанной сковородке.

Vypekat´ blinčiki na horošo smazannoj skovorodke.

Bake pancakes on the well-greased pan.

Затем можно смазать блины вареньем, медом, сметаной или сгущенкой.

Zatem možno smazat´ bliny varen´em, medom, smetanoj ili sguŝenkoj.

Then coat pancakes with jam, honey, sour cream or condensed milk.

That is all! It is very tasty to drink tea and eat pancakes.

I hope that, this simple recipe of traditional Russian pancakes will be useful for you to learn cooking vocabulary and know better Russian traditions. 




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What a wonderful recipe, KatrinK! I am sure, it tastes delicious!

Makes me feel like going to the kitchen and making some pancakes!

Oh, by the way, everyone, try pancakes with "condensed milk with sugar" = сгущенка, или сгущенное молоко. Just the way a lot of russians enjoy them. I assure you, you'll never forget the experience. Just refrain from counting calories while enjoying блины со сгущенкой!

Pancakes are also delicious with caviar. There are lots of places in St. Petersburg where you can have them served that way.

Till next time!

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