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Parenthetical Words In Sentence


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In this post I will write about role of parenthetical words in Russian language. Actually, these words are very helpful in any language. Using them, you can make your speech more fluent. Parenthetical words in Russian language are marked off by commas. In general, there is a special classification of parenthetical words. So all parenthetical words, or sometimes they are called linking words, can be divided into six main groups. So let us review them:

1. Parenthetical words expressing feelings of speaker, like happiness, astonishment, regret and so on.

К счастью – K sčast´û –  Fortunately

К несчастью – K nesčast´û – Unfortunately

К ужасу  -  K užasu  -  Much to the consternation of

2. Parenthetical words, that define degree of reality (confidence, guess, possibility, etc. )

Конечно – Konečno - Surely

Возможно – Vozmožno - Possibly

Несомненно – Nesomnenno - Undoubtedly

Должно быть - Dolžno byt´ - Probably

Может быть - Možet byt´ - Perhaps

Безусловно - Bezuslovno - Certainly

В самом деле - V samom dele – Indeed or in point of fact

Наверное – Navernoe - Maybe

Само собой разумеется - Samo soboj razumeetsâ – It goes without saying

3. Parenthetical words showing source of speaker.

Говорят – Govorât – It is said

По словам - Po slovam – According to

Сообщают – Soobŝaût – It is reported

По-моему - Po-moemu – In my opinion

По мнению - Po mneniû – in one’s opinion

Дескать - Deskat´- allegedly (informal form)

Мол – Mol –he says…, she said…

4. Linking words,  that show consequence of facts in  speech and conjunction of thoughts.

Итак - Itak – Thus, so then

Следовательно - Sledovatel´no - Consequently

В общем - V obŝem  - In general

Например – Naprimer – For example

С одной стороны - S odnoj storony – On the one hand

С другой стороны - S drugoj storony - On the other hand

Таким образом - Takim obrazom – In such a way

Кстати – Kstati – By the way

В частности - V častnosti – In particular

Наконец – Nakonec - Finally

Наоборот – Naoborot – Alternatively

5. Words that show methods of saying.

Одним словом - Odnim slovom – in a word

Как говорится - Kak govoritsâ – as the saying is

Иначе говоря - Inače govorâ – that is to say

Так сказать - Tak skazat´ - so saying

Коротко говоря or короче (informal) - Korotko govorâ or koroče – in short, briefly

6. Parenthetical words, that used to persuade speaker in something.

Вообразите – Voobrazite –Imagine…

Понимаешь - Ponimaeš´ - Realize …

Скажем – Skažem –Let us say

Допустим – Dopustim –let us suppose

Знаешь - Znaeš´ - you know…

Use these linking words, but when writing, do not forget about commas.  :wink:

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