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Vocablist (JLPT level 2)


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Hi dear all, I continue sharing usufel info with those who want to pass JLPT level 2. So, today I`ll talk about vocabulary that you must know if you want to pass JLPT N2:

Note: I`m not putting reading of the words in romaji, I suppose that if you want to pass JLPT level 2 you are already know kana.

1. あいかわらず - as ever,as usual,the same

2. アイデア/アイディア - idea

3. あいまい - vague, ambiguous

4. 遭う [あう] - to meet, encounter

5. 扇ぐ [あおぐ] - to fan, to flap

6. 青白い [あおじろい] - pale, pallid

7. あかんぼう - baby

8. 明き [あき] - room, time to spare, emptiness

9. あきれる - to be amazed, to be shocked

10. アクセント - accent

11. あくび - yawn

12. 飽くまで [あくまで] - to the end, to the last, stubbornly

13. 明け方 [あけがた] - dawn

14. 揚げる [あげる] - to lift, to fry

15. 挙げる [あげる] - to raise, to fly

16. あげる = やる - to do for

17. 憧れる [あこがれる] - to long for, to yearn after, to admire

18. 足跡 [あしあと] - footprints

19. 味わう [あじわう] - to taste, to savor, to relish

20. 預かる [あずかる] - to keep in custody, to receive on deposit, to take charge of

21. 暖まる [あたたまる] - to warm up, to get warm

22. 暖める [あたためる] - to warm, to heat

23. あたりまえ - usual, common, ordinary

24. あちらこちら - here and there

25. 厚かましい [あつかましい] - impudent, shameless, brazen

26. 圧縮 [あっしゅく] - compression, condensation, pressure

27. 宛名 [あてな] - adress, direction

28. あてはまる - to be applicable, to come under (a category), to fulfill

29. あてはめる - to apply, to adapt

30. 暴れる [あばれる] - to act violently, to rage, to struggle, to be riotous

31. 脂 [あぶら] - fat, tallow, lard

32. あぶる - to scorch

33. あふれる - to flood, to overflow, to brim over

34. 雨戸 [あまど] - sliding storm door

35. 甘やかす [あまやかす] - to pamper, to spoil

36. 余る [あまる] - to remain, to be left over, to be in excess, to be too many

37. 編物 [あみもの] - knitting, web

38. 編む [あむ] - to knit

39. 危うい [あやうい] - dangerous, critical, grave

40. 怪しい [あやしい] - suspicious, dubious, doubtful

41. 荒い [あらい] - rough, rude, wild

42. 粗い [あらい] - coarse, rough

43. あらすじ - outline, summary

44. 争う [あらそう] - to dispute, to argue, to be at variance, to complete

45. 改めて [あらためて] - another time, again, over again, anew, formally

46. 改める [あらためる] - to change, to alter, to reform, to revise

47. 著す [あらわす] - to write, to publish

48. 有難い [ありがたい] - grateful, thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude

49. 在る [ある] - to live, to be

50. あれこれ - one thing or another, this and that, this or that

Note, if you want to comtinue learning Japanese words and grammar to pass JLPT (different levels, not only N2) please, leave comments, ask me to continue this topic, so that I`ll know you need such materials. Thank you and good luck!

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