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I can understand Persian pretty well, but I can't speak it that well. I really would love to learn it well. Anyway if anyone else is interested in it, here are some good links for it:


(to learn spoken Persian, this podcast is the best! I highly recommend it)






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How did you come to understand Persian? Did you pick it up naturally or was it something you studied. I take it from being a native pashto speaker you must have had quite a bit of exposure. The links look quite interesting, thanks for sharing.

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The only reason I understand it is because most of Afghan TV and music is in the Afghan dialect of Persian. I have always been surrounded by Iranian Persian too because Afghans tend to watch Iranian movies and Iranian tv. We also listen to Iranian music. It's the same reason why a lot of us understand Hindi/Urdu also because of the movies, tv and music. Plus many Afghans live in both Iran and Pakistan.

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