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The list of couple useful Japanese idioms


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Hi folks. Today I want to give couple of Japanese idioms that I think can be usuful in an every day life.

1. Everyone has different tastes

たで食う虫も好き好き [tade kuu mushi mo suki suki] - 'Some bugs prefer bitters'

(means that there is no accounting for tastes and refers to the acknowledgement that people have different tastes)

A: あいつなぜあんないい奥さんと別れて、又変な女と再婚したんだろう。

[aaitsu naze anna ii okusan to wakarete, mata henna onna to saikon sitandaroo]

B: だって、「たで食う虫も好き好き」って言うでしょう。

[datte, 'tade kuu mushi mo suki suki' tte iu deshoo]

A: Why did he divorce such a good woman and remarry such a weirdo?

B: Well, there`s no accounting for tastes.

2. Love is blind

あばたもえくぼ [abata mo ekubo] - 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'

(interesting, that this idiom is generally used with a man who likes a girl, which is not that beautiful but with the finest personality)

A: 昭雄君ね、婚約したんだって。

[akiokun ne, kon`yakusitandatte]

B: へえ、どこのお嬢さんと?きれいな人?

[hee, doko no ojoosan n to? kireina hito?]

A: きれいと言うわけでもないけど、かわいい子よ。それに好きになればあばたもえくぼだからね。

[kirei to iu wakedemonaikedo, kawaii ko yo. sore ni suki ni nareba abata mo ekubo]

A: You know Akio, I hear he got engaed.

B: Really? With whom? Is she pretty?

A: I wouldn`t say she pretty, but she`s cute. You know how they say, love is blind.

3. To be ashamed


[awaseru kao ga nai]

(something like 'not knowing how to face someone')


[sumimasen, konkai no puroziekuto ga umaku ikanakatta no wa zenbu watashi no fuchuu ni yoru mono desu. mattaku awaseru kao ga nai]

I`m sorry. It was due to my carelessness that the project didn`t go well. I don`t know how to face you.

I would be glad if you had some more idioms. グッドラック!

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