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What types of things do you need to know in a speaking exam?

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I have a speaking Spanish exam coming up and we've been told that we need to speak as if we are speaking normally, so no random pauses where pauses aren't needed, correct pronunciation etc. Is there anything else I need to be worried about?

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Eh, if you can master the pronunciation I'm sure you will have no issues with your exams in the future.  Spoken exams are probably the most stressing of them all, you just need to find a way to relax before the exam, because most of the time the accumulated stress is what makes us fail at many things, including exams.

Just try to relax and everything should be fine.  As they said unnecessary pauses are a big no no, whenever you have a similar test also remember to speak as naturally as you can.

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I've done one verbal exam before. It was easy though, not very stringent. I mainly stuck with preterite tense verb forms and talked about common things. (The exam was just talking about things you did that week.) If you have some leeway about how to do this exam (for example, is it just you talking about anything?) then just play to your strengths and avoid the weaknesses.

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