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Sociolinguistic survey-Any input would be appreciated!

Billy S.

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Hello fellow linguists,

For my oral french class this semester, I am required to conduct a sociolinguistic survey regarding one's perception of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arab and Italian. There are 4 main questions for this particular survey:

1) What is your perception and/or opinion on each of the aforementioned languages

2) Which of these languages do you find to be the most prestigious (which is your favorite) and why?

3) Your favorite and least favorite languages among these listed above

4) Your opinion regarding the difficulty of learning any of these languages, do you find some languages are harder to learn than others, and if so, why?

Once again, I would appreciate any input and participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated as this is worth a considerable portion of my final grade for this course. Thanks.

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Well, unfortunately I just spent half an hour answering all your questions, just to have the system kick me out (sign me out) when I tried to post it, losing all my answers... If someone knows if the system does an auto-save or something, let me know.


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