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Genkoyoushi:Japanese Composition Sheets

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In Japanese schools (and Japanese language classes) they use grid composition paper rather than western style lined paper. Though this paper can be a pain to write on (think: if you mess up one character the rest of the composition is thrown off), it's fun and authentic to use, and it can help you practice keeping the size of your characters consistent. Haven't we all written beautiful stings of hiragana only to have it thrown off by an abnormally large and awkward kanji?

Here is a link to an explanation of how to write on genkoyoushi, with PDFs to print out at the bottom of the page:


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In my Japanese class, we use this to write our Japanese compositions. Everytime I use it, I am reminded of how much I hate using it XD One time I forgot to skip a line and I had to write the whole thing over again just to skip that line.

You have to be very, very careful when you use this  :wink:

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