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English Words That Have Two Or More Meanings

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I thought about the words that have two or more meanings the other day as I like to think about these things when I'm bored or doing chores, also because I am very interested with etymology and how words originated and developed.

Anyway, I specifically thought of the word "over" and how it could mean either to go past the limit or to say something is finished or done, and even though they are arguably very similar in meaning, they still can mean two very different things. Do you guys know of any other words like this that have two meanings? I'd love to hear them as I'm drawing a blank right now.  :wacky:

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Homonyms can be quite interesting and are sometimes used in the wrong way. Two that comes to mind now are:

-Bath, a plumbing fixture for bathing or the act of bathing.

-Bracket, enclosing punctuation or support for shelves.

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The word ''Bear'' has always intrigued me, because it can be used as a verb and also as a noun.  It never ceases to amaze me how this word can be given two very different meanings!

Another one is ''Rose'', it can be used either as a verb and also a noun.  Well, to be exact rose is the past tense of ''rise''.  Quite interesting stuff :)

This is a very interesting thread, I will try to add more to this thread later on.  I'm sure we can all come up with several words :)

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I have an absolute favorite example. The word horny. I mean, I could be talking about either something as innocent as things with horns. Or I could also be talking about the more popular meaning  :wink: . Hahaha

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