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Expanding Vocabulary: Replacements for "gehen"


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It's easy to fall into the trap of using the same basic words over and over, so here are some more descriptive and precise replacements words. I'll start off with "gehen" (to go or to walk).

Bummeln - to stroll, wander

Eilen - to hurry, go very fast

Flanieren - to saunter, stroll, amble

Flitzen - to speed, to whiz

Stapfen - to trudge, to plod

Schlurfen - to shuffle (with feet), to drag your feel

Huschen - to rush, to dart by

Schleichen - to crawl, to creep

Hope these were useful! :)

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It looks like you have found a really good source of synonyms there. I always marvel at the art of creative writers who understand how to incorporate the best fitting and most descriptive words in any sentence. And how they can turn a banal incident into an exciting adventure. :) I mean from your average "gehen" to "flitzen", "rasen", "springen", and so on, there is a world of difference. There could be an entire psychological thriller behind it. :)

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