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I haven't seen a topic like this but while using the search function I saw some users expressing interest in etymology.  :smile:

I simply love learning about the origins of a word. Sometimes they can be so hilarious.

Are you interested in etymology? Do you have favourite meanings?

Some of mine are:


Old English dæġes ēaġe ("day's eye") due to the flowers closing their blossoms during night.


From Latin orchis, from Ancient Greek ὄρχις (orkhis, "orchid, testicle") (ostensibly from the shape of the roots).


From French muscle, from Latin mūsculus ("a muscle", literally "little mouse") because of the mouselike appearance of some muscles, from mūs ("mouse").


From Old French comete (French: comète), from Latin cometes, from Ancient Greek κομήτης (komētēs, “longhaired”), referring to the tail of a comet, from κόμη (komē, “hair”).

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