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画蛇添足【huà shé tiān zú】

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Once upon a time, a master of a temple gave a bottle of wine to the guards of the temple. Yet one bottle wasn’t enough for the guards, so one person suggested a competition, he who finished drawing a snake first will get the wine. Guards all agreed and began to draw. A man finished quickly and was bored waiting for others to finish, so he took out the hen and added four feet to his snake. Meanwhile, another man finished drawing, he stopped the man from taking the wine, Yours is not a snake. Snake doesn’t have a foot. Then he took the wine and drank. 


[Annotation] : Foot. 

[Definition] When (someone) has done extra work that leads to an unpleasant/harmful result. 

*If you are interested in Chinese folk tales or ghosts stories, have a look at: https://chinesestoriesfolktales.quora.com 

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