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事半功倍【shì bàn gōng bèi】

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In the middle of the Warring States Period, wars occurred frequently, and people were suffering. Mencius said to his students, “Once King Wen of Zhou carried benevolent governance, beginning from a 7500-square-kilometre-land and finally beat King Zhou of Shang, saving all the people. If a big country like Qi can do the same, our wars will be ended with half the effort Zhou paid.”


1. Warring States Period: an era in ancient Chinese history characterized by warfare, as well as bureaucratic and military reforms and consolidation.

2. King Wen: Count of Zhou during the late Shang dynasty in ancient China. 

3. King Zhou: The last ruler of the Shange dynasty in ancient China. 

4. Qi: A state of the Zhou dynasty era in ancient China, one of the seven most powerful states in the Warring States Period.

[Definition] When (something) only requires a small effort to achieve remarkable results.



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