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狐假虎威【hú jiǎ hǔ wēi】

Shudan Guan

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A tiger catches a fox and is about to eat it, the fox says, “I’m the king of all animals, if you eat me, you’ll be punished by God.” The tiger doesn’t believe it, and then the fox says, “Follow me to the forest, I want to show you something.” The tiger follows the fox to the forest, the fox walks slowly and smiley in the front, and all animals run away when they see the tiger behind him. Hence, the tiger believes the fox’s word and releases him. 

[Annotation] 假: By using something.

[Definition] When someone is using a person’s power to suppress or frighten others. 

* Visit here if you are interested in more Chinese folk tales https://chinesestoriesfolktales.quora.com

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